The use of foam glass

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The use of foam glass

Properties of foam glass can use this material extensively.
The main sphere of use of foam glass – creating heat and sound insulation. As an insulator it can be used in industrial , construction and housing and communal services, as well as in agriculture ( where in addition to thermal insulation plays an important role and its environmental friendliness ) .

There are areas in which the use of more efficient use of other cellular glass insulation materials :
• high-rise construction ( due to its high durability and fire resistance of the material) ;
• insulation of large-area , as well as operating and having a complex geometric shape of roofs;
• Creation of thermal insulation assemblies in buildings operated in a complex temperature- water conditions ( port facilities , swimming pools , water parks , baths , etc.);
• restoration of old buildings ;
insulation of underground structures and facilities ;
• thermal protection device in the industry , especially the food and pharmaceutical (due to health safety and cleanliness of foam glass ) ;
• insulation of pipes and heat units ( because of the wide temperature applications) ;
• chemical and petrochemical production (due to the resistance to acid- alkaline attack , as well as the impact of active hydrocarbon liquids and gases) ;
• foamglass virtually uncontested in the nuclear industry as a high class fire safety and fire

resistance among classical building insulation materials .
Each type of foam glass has its priority areas of application.
Foam glass block is used for thermal insulation and acoustic insulation of external walls of buildings , interior floors, foundation insulation , thermal insulation of furnaces and pipelines.
Granulated foam glass is mainly used for thermal insulation of the roof and attic floors , as well as backfill material for the walls. In addition , low density combined with high thermal insulation properties , can be used  foam glass as a filler for lightweight panels, lightweight concrete , dry mortar and thermal insulation plaster , while its high temperature resistance.

The use of foam glass

The use of foam glass in the construction of the pavement reduces swelling deformation during freezing construction, and eliminates the possibility of subsidence web upon thawing of its foundation. This technology is widely used in the construction of roads in Norway, Germany and the USA.

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