Use GPS technology to find lost Dog

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Use GPS technology to find lost Dog – If you have a dog , then you are probably all too familiar with the sudden panic and fear that fills your heart when your four-legged friend is deflected away from home! Unfortunately, almost every dog ​​owner , at one time or another, loses his dog . Well, people , the days of driving around town , hanging ” lost dog ” signs and knock on the door neighbor looking for your dog going to be a thing of the past ! Presenting (insert drum roll here) dog tracking GPS device !

Yes , GPS systems are no longer just for men who refuse to ask for directions of motion ( unfortunately, it was my attempt at humor ) ! Currently, they are used to track lost dogs , as well as ( and from what I hear … lost cat too!) . Although relatively new (and yes, very expensive ) GPS tracking collars are becoming quite a popular item , especially among dog owners who have puppies that have a tendency to deviate .

Use GPS technology to find lost Dog

Global Pet Finder GPS Pet Tracker


Global Pet Finder GPS Pet Tracker is one of the latest and greatest dog GPS tracking systems on the market. It is equipped with a GPS tracking device cellular wireless technology that will allow you to keep your hands on your dog at all times. Basically, you program the device by setting your yard (such as a virtual fence ); if your dog goes beyond the programmed area, you will be notified . ” How ,” you ask ? Well, actually , how it works is quite simple. If your dog gets off , you will be notified via your mobile phone, PDA or PC. Device sends continuous updates and will also tell you the temperature of the surrounding area in which your dog is in (I think , if your dog gets to the North Pole , the temperature reading will give you a clue as to where he is ) . Global Pet Finder GPS Pet Tracker is waterproof and runs on rechargeable batteries (I hope the battery does not lose its charge before you find your dog !) . The cost of this fabulous search dog is $ 350.00 ! Oh, one other note , if you do not want to wait for the location of your dog to be sent to you, you can use what is called a “FOUND” Feature. You can call to place your pet on request.



Another device that will help you find your lost dog RoamEO Pet Location System . Just as division Global Pet Finder, RoamEO uses GPS. Each system consists of RoamEO portable , handheld receiver that will display the information that is transferred from a special GPS-enabled dog’s collar . RoamEO wonderful thing is that it provides a continuous flow of information ” in real time ” , so you know which of the dumpster of your dog eats at all times. Well, it was a little joke, however, the system will tell you about the place your dog only for a few seconds. RoamEO Puppy receiver is wonderful because you can monitor more than one dog at a time ! For example, I find this feature wonderful as I know that if one of my dogs run away from the back gate , the other is sure to follow ! System location RoamEO animals start at $ 400.00 and go from there . I’m sure you can find pet supply discount stores online that sell dog GPS tracking system, so if I were you, I would start with a simple internet search to find the best price .

Hopefully, your dog is so well behaved that the thought of buying a dog GPS tracking collar never even entered your mind. If so , good for you ( and your well behaved dogs! ) . Dog GPS systems are relatively new and are only going to get better as time goes on . This technology is designed to ensure that your furry family member makes it home safe and sound is definitely worth keeping hands on ! In the end , the price of GPS dog tracking systems will come down and the technology becomes more advanced ! Woof!

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