ventilation system at home

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ventilation system at home –¬†Despite its apparent simplicity , the choice of the ventilation system for the dwelling – a difficult task and depends on many factors. When designing the ventilation in the apartment comply with the requirements of SNIP , fire safety rules.

As a rule, in the construction of houses design exhaust ventilation with a natural impulse . Used for calculating the data table design temperature and air in various areas of residential buildings. Compensation exhaust air is due to the outside air through the vents and windows and overflowing air from other rooms .

Exhaust ventilation of living rooms provided through the exhaust channels kitchens, toilets, bathrooms. If the apartment consists of 4 or more rooms and has no through ventilation , it is necessary to design natural exhaust ventilation directly from the living rooms are not adjacent to a kitchen or bathroom .

Natural ventilation apartments


This is the most common variant of the apartment ventilation . The process is designed in such a way as to create a pressure difference in the convection duct and the exhaust outside, so-called rod , as in the chimney . The air in the mine is warmer , so he rushes up , pulling with a odors through the holes in your kitchen and bathrooms . The same principle is rising in the air balloon with hot air.

This system has several advantages : absolute simplicity without the use of additional devices and control.

Moreover, even the hood works naturally very strongly influenced by a number of factors . This outdoor temperature and wind direction and strength , and more.

The simplest thing you can do to help the natural extract to perform its task , set the supply valve. This device allows you to adjust the amount of fresh air is naturally sucked in from the street. It looks like this . Near a heater makes a hole diameter of 60 -100mm . In opening the cassette is inserted into sound-insulated . Indoors only visible plastic grid with a regulator valve. Sometimes inserted beneath the grid strainer . Outside the hole is closed with bars.

Cons of such a decision , in winter it is impossible to open the valve strongly – will be very cold , the question remains as noise. Air flow through these devices is minimal. Except that you can compare with the slightly opened window.

Ventilation apartments

This device is supplied outside air past the necessary training , positive way. Ventilation ventilation system consists of an air valve ( spring or automatic drive ) , insert the filter , fan , heater and silencer .

When installing such a system , you can permanently solve the issue of ventilation in those areas where the air is supplied . For two-bedroom apartment is sufficient inflow of about 300 cubic meters per hour . By the way, according to the Russian sanitary norms and rules for one person desired to supply at least 60 cubic meters per hour.

ventilation system at home

But in order to heat 300 cubic meters / h needs a 5 kW heater . For ordinary apartment is a lot. Moreover, the work of this heater on full blast for even one week is not very cost-effective solution .

Incidentally automation system can be as simple (all manually activated conventional tumblers ) and more advanced (automatic control depends on the selected mode and parameters of air). Also automatic control valve and may signal the filter is clogged . Advanced microprocessor controllers allow programming modes for specific needs . For example, the standby mode. The system is automatically activated for some time for a little ventilation. All modes can be activated by a timer.

In its simplest form input system serves only one room . The air passing through the room , and is interested in the corridor sucked into the suction hole in the kitchen and bathrooms . In order to provide fresh air , two or more rooms , it is necessary to stretch the ducts . If there is a loggia , the most convenient option is to stretch the ducts there. Ducts look carefully enough , so do not even need to hide wisely and carefully mounted channels. But if you can not reach all the pipes on the balcony , will likely have to run them indoors.


If the apartment is not only planning to install a ventilation system , but air conditioning, a good solution could be the installation of split- channel system with additional air duct through which air will flow from the street. Should install the duct heater for warming the incoming air, and may need to install cleansing filters to the crude air from outside is not incapacitated mechanisms conditioner . To install this system you also need professional staff calculations .

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