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The ventilation system office –¬†Good microclimate office says that the ventilation system is properly installed . Designing ventilation systems for office developed in parallel with the air conditioning of office space . If the office is only in the presence of air conditioning, but there is no ventilation of fresh air in the room did not even dream .

Air conditioning only controls the temperature of the air, sometimes regulates humidity. Air conditioning can not constantly update airflow. Responsible for this process ventilation system that keeps the oxygen concentration , so necessary for normal human life . The air in the office environment must contain at least 20 % oxygen. In the absence of ventilation in the room , the end of the working day air will hardly contain oxygen . Oxygen concentration falls when there is no fresh air , and in the same room at the same time there are a few people.

When designing the ventilation system must take into account the number of persons , utility room , room dimensions .

The office consists not only of the working room. Hall is surrounded by outbuildings, and in these premises requires a separate ventilation system .

For example: smoking room and a bathroom, equipped with a more powerful exhaust systems . For dining and ventilation system is thought out separately. In some cases , solutions to problems with ventilation in office space , use a separate venting that perfectly complement the whole system of ventilation . To install venting serious surgery premises are not required. Breather installed easily during overhaul office. With their help, built ventilation system between floors.

Repair work for each individual building are individually designed layout systems of ventilation , taking into account the technical parameters and aesthetic characteristics .

Modern ventilation equipment today successfully solves all these issues as an integral part of office space and style of the building providing good ventilation.

ventilation system office

Ventilation grille is the “face” of any of the ventilation system . And then today’s manufacturers did not disappoint, creating a variety of design solutions for stylish design . This will allow to fit them into office without breaking the harmony of style.

In the room where it is impossible or difficult to lay tracks ventilation airflow produced with flexible air ducts are connected to the ventilation system of the building.

In short, how much office space, as will design solutions and installation of ventilation systems .

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