video:how to open locks without keys

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how to open a padlock without a key,Today we will talk of Lock Picking, i.e. the art of open locks without keys. Is a system that allows you to open the doors without the key, thanks to some tools that can be purchased or made by hand. opening locks without keys First you need to understand how the mechanism that allows you to open a door. It’s not hard, follow the video carefully. When the right key is inserted all the Pistons rank and the lock can turn. To open a lock are a griman dello and a tension wrench. The first tool is used to move the Pistons inside the mechanism until they don’t rank, while the second is used to turn the inside of the lock in order to move.

These tools are used to open the door and can also be made at home using hair-pins or purchased on the internet. how to open a lock without a key During the practice the Pistons must all be aligned inside the door, using the pick must be used for this purpose and since all of each piston is at a height that is different, the operation must be performed for each piston. The video shows the process with ease.

How to open a master lock without a key no tools

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