Wallpaper for the bathroom

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Selecting wallpaper for the bathroom has its own characteristics , due to the specifics of the climate of the room. Not every wall covering can withstand constant moisture , water spray , fever .

This task is successfully coping tiles, but it changed infrequently. Meanwhile, the pasting wall bathroom also has its benefits:

Such coverage is cheaper ;
Wallpaper can be painted , it will increase their resistance to moisture ;
Glue them easily , allowing you to frequently change the ” clothing ” for the walls ;
The variety of textures and patterns makes it possible to demonstrate design skills .

Range of modern materials is wide enough , each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For the bathroom , you can choose vinyl , thin, self-adhesive wallpaper or glass . What kind of prefer that everyone decides for themselves individually .

vinyl wallpaper

A good option for bathroom vinyl wallpaper can be made ​​on paper coated with a polymer. They have a more dense structure , are “heavy” materials , therefore they need a special adhesive label . It should be sticky , quick to learn and support the weight of the coating.

Desktop tightly adhered well kept high humidity , but the increase in temperature may shrink and peel from the wall. Another disadvantage of this option – the high price per roll ( $ 20-60 ) . The cost of such a finishing material is largely dependent on its ability to repel water .

Based on this property , vinyl flooring can be waterproof , washable ( can be wiped clean with a damp cloth ) you can use detergent. Choosing a finish , you need to pay attention to the product label .

The advantages of vinyl surfacing materials are:

Ability to mask minor defects and cracks on the walls ;
Decoration, a variety of patterns ;
Resistance to fading ;
Flexibility ;
Water resistance of the upper layer.

But working with them is not very easy, as missed glue, they are very stretched, and shrink when dry , so the joints are often formed noticeable gaps . Interfere with the thickness of the coating.

Self-adhesive wallpaper for the bathroom

This finish is a subspecies of the vinyl wall coverings . As the name suggests , that the wallpaper is already impregnated with glue .

First, cut a piece from a roll of the required length , if you want not the whole cloth , his tailor , removing superfluous. The strip was then immersed in hot water, the adhesive swollen . Wallpaper paste are prepared on a dry wall.

Paper and non-woven wallpaper for painting

Products for painting with water-repellent treated , their unpainted surface has a different , more often . Plus coverage is that it does not need a thorough preparation of walls , and the very fine level out their shortcomings. Besides, it is highly transparent par.

Depending on the density , the coating capable of withstanding 5 to 15 paint layers . How much it will be watertight , depends on the quality of paint. You can buy wallpapers, already painted in the production , but their label will be visible poorly fitted joints . However, they can also be repainted.

Modern coating often consist of three layers , it contributes to improved adhesion to the wall . When you delete them remains thin backing layer , which can be bonded with a new decorative material .

One variety of painted finishes are thick wallpaper of two layers of paper are impressed with sawdust between them , they can also be painted and coated waterproof varnish .

liquid wallpaper

Increasingly popular are liquid wallpaper , often they are used to repair the bathroom. They are a special type of plaster , which is diluted with water. Before its application of the wall should be thoroughly primed with oil paint or intended for that purpose primer.

According to well- seasoned surface is applied with a spatula liquid wallpaper . Then you must wait for their complete drying and water-repellent surface covered by a layer of , for example, with varnish . If this is not done , the work may not be useful , because this type of coating contains in its composition , natural ingredients that when exposed to moisture immediately swell .

fiberglass wallpaper

High humidity is not much of a threat glass fiber surfaces , but their wall-paper requires diligence and time. To start the walls should be covered with water-resistant primer , the next step Apply water-resistant glue, paste over the wall and then coated glass fiber and leave at night .

After 24 hours on top of wallpaper applied another coat of primer , and another 2 – latex paint. After a day of paint application must be repeated prior to the use of a bathroom should go for another two days . The work carried out competently and thoroughly , ensure high quality and durability of the wall covering.

Common colors for use in the bathroom are milky- white, beige, blue, all-natural shades and combinations thereof. Such interior materials are well suited for smaller rooms. In large rooms , you can experiment with colors, to emphasize the play of colors , deliberately choose the accessories and furniture .

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