warm water underfloor heating

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warm water underfloor heating

Warm water underfloor heating Events on arrangement of warm water floor with his hands held in a city or a country house , usually referred to the category of fairly complex . When installing a warm water floor you will probably have to face a number of nuances, a preliminary explanation which would avoid some unpleasant moments . Self installation of warm water floor also assumes that you have some experience of similar works , which, in the end, is the determining factor in their success .

Such stringent requirements are explained by the fact that the organization of work you not only need to make a competent project , but also to perform all the necessary calculations for an additional load on the heating system heats the room at all ( a calculation of their thermal loops ) . All this you can do only after special training and exercises .

As soon as the reservation that the regeneration of the water floor in an urban environment you will encounter so many obstacles and problems associated with the connection to the central heating system (which is , generally speaking , is prohibited) , you better just give up the idea and use of electric option of floor heating in the apartment .

On the other hand , maintenance of the warm water in the floor significantly advantageous in terms of costs for payment of electric energy ( which is inevitable in electric heating embodiment ), and provides more uniform heat distribution over the volume of the heated space .

Types of water underfloor heating

Are well known and are often used in practice three types of mounting systems, water heating floors :

installation , involving laying a heating system under the concrete floor ;
grazing type of installation in which the basis for water use special aluminum floor plate with protection in the form of moisture resistant seals made ​​of polyethylene foam or cardboard. The upper or ” finishing ” field thus can be made ​​from any floor ( linoleum , parquet, laminate , etc.);
Wood mounting, in which the pipe system are laid directly on the wooden joists or on elements of the sub-floor .

In the general case, all of the water floor heating system comprises:

elements of thermal insulation;
Pipes made ​​of polymeric materials or metalopolimernyh ;
special fasteners;
collectors with fittings used to connect to the heating system and the circulation pump ;
screed and ” finish ” the floor.

Installation of water concrete floor

First, consider receiving water laying the floor under the concrete floor , according to which works are usually begin with laying on the floor of polystyrene insulation boards , Penopleks or regular foam . These plates prevent leakage of heat toward the “bottom ” of neighbors and send it completely to heat the apartment. After laying the tiles to the entire area of ​​the room ( the walls and between the individual , previously tagged sectors sex) placed special damping tape , designed to compensate for the expansion of the screed (the so -called expansion joint ) .

warm water underfloor heating

Only after that can be laid over insulation reinforcing mesh , to which are attached subsequently heated tube .

warm water underfloor heating systems

Then follows laying pipes themselves , which often are placed in a spiral pattern. Practically may be used any method of laying the following series:

snake ;
spiral ;
double snake ;
spiral shell ;
spiral off-center .

Heated tube attached to the valve by means of special clamps at intervals between the last of about one meter. Anchoring to the armature tube is undesirable because in this case at high temperatures may deform considerably . In preparation for the installation of water heating pipes should remember that they must be laid at intervals of between 10 to30 inches. From the walls of the room pipes should be removed to a distance not see menee7

After consideration of all of these details can proceed directly to the installation of the system. First one of the ends of the working line is fixed in the supply reservoir water line , and then the whole system of pipes along the contours of divorce following the planned scheme. The length of each of the circuits should not prevyshat50 meters. The end of each loop is connected then to the return manifold. Number of outputs on the collector will be determined by the number of circuits that you engage in this room. In places where the heated tube through the expansion joint on them is in a special tube corrugations .

Upon completion of all construction works should be collected to test for leaks . It is necessary to fill the pipe water pressure of 0.6 MPa. To carry out such testing is best to invite an experienced professional.

After the test is finished , you are ready to tie the arrangement for the preparation of which are usually used special mixtures designed for floor heating .

Polystyrene water floor heating system

This type of heating allows a different answer to the question of how to make radiant floor heating and involves the use of special polystyrene plates prepared with grooves in them that are meant for placing workers heat distribution plates ( plates ) . This method of heating floors often used where necessary to reduce loads on the slab or with certain restrictions on the height of the room .

Laying polystyrene insulation boards begin , as a rule , from the corner of the room and carried out in a strictly prescribed sequence (according to the plan drawn up earlier ) . Thereafter, heat-spreading plates laid plates which are fixed later ( with special clips ) of the pipe loops .

After all the necessary procedures testevyh finish floor is laid on top of the chosen material.

Wooden water floor heating system

Note that this method of laying floor warm water is mainly used in the construction of wooden farmhouses and may be performed using two types of flooring and pinion unit .

With a modular way laying on the joists are laid out ready modules chipboard already prepared them for channels heats the pipe circuit .

With the second method, laying pipes and heat transfer plates are placed between the individual strips are usually chipboard certain size , attached to the joists ( the base floor ) with screws with a pitch of about a 20- mm . The resulting intervals ( slots ) reinforced with strips of aluminum and then put them in water heating pipes .

All mounted so the heating system is closed from above with special moisture absorbing pads made ​​of polyethylene foam or cardboard, and after that closes finishing floor covering . In the case of linoleum flooring is recommended to use a special lining of gypsum material.

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