Warm floor in the bathroom living and children room

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The heat need us in cold weather, when each of us dreams of a warm House, cosy Interior and hot teas. Ways to heat your home quite a lot. It is therefore necessary to take care of heating at an early stage of design and decide on ways and methods of heating the home premises. Underfloor heating, is primarily set in the living room, the nursery and in the bathroom.

Warm floor in the bathroom is very effective. Floor heating provides a pleasant, warm and cozy atmosphere in the bathroom, spray water on the warm floor very quickly dry usually serves.

If you have a small bathroom, you can make the installation of underfloor heating in conjunction with bars for drying towels.

This type of heating works well indoors, where you can also install heating panels.

To set the warm floor in the living room, you need to carefully choose the appropriate floor covering, but first and foremost pay attention to leveling floor pipes and on the correct assembly design of warm floors. For the treatment of the floor in the living room you can use natural stone and ceramic tile.

Without a doubt, having a warm floor in your home, you will experience all the benefits of underfloor heating. Underfloor heating technology has been successfully used in many homes and is optimum for space heating.

Warm floor in the bathroom living and children’s room

A significant benefit of underfloor heating is that it is an aesthetic technology as underfloor is invisible. By and large the heating of floor surface occurs with minimal energy costs and favorable temperature. Installing underfloor heating will reduce operating costs and maintain the comfort in the room.

You must approach responsibly to install underfloor heating, so as to repair the heating system is very complex and is not small money.

Floor heating should be planned already at the stage of designing the House, it will reduce the cost of installation and installation of underfloor heating.

Unfortunately, it happens that when installing underfloor heating allowed errors. This leads to heat loss and to the need of expensive repairs. When installing underfloor heating is often used in multilayer pipes, which are arranged in loops. Low temperature in the home can be the result of too much distance between the distribution of heating pipes.

To ensure proper temperature comfort recommended laying heating pipes at intervals of 10-30 cm. Due to the large heat losses, great density of heating lines is permitted in certain areas of the floor. Note also that the heating pipes should be installed in certain areas that are constantly being in the open space.

A common mistake that affect thermal comfort in the home, it is not only improper insulation of floors, and install beds and cabinets at the places where the heat comes out from the floor. This leads to great losses of heat in place of heating premises heat will go to other unwanted areas of the room.

Proper design and installation of underfloor heating provides not only comfort around the House, but also ensures its reliable operation over many years.

It is worth noting that experiments with cheaper substitutes or combining products from different manufacturers of underfloor heating can lead to some savings, but not without impact on the performance of the heating systems and security of your home. Better not to risk it and install underfloor heating system only from the best manufacturers.

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