Warranty repairs how to protect their rights?

Warranty repairs how to protect their rights? In the category General Maintenance and Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Warranty repairs how to protect their rights?.

Often we are faced with the problems associated with the return or repair of goods purchased , which is on the warranty . This article would like to tell more about the features of return , such as refrigerators , with their failure.

Failure of even very old, refrigerator , guarantee one hundred percent probability of bad temper his mistress. And to find the master, having a desire to repair the legacy of Soviet-made here , is not so easy.

If the new technology at all or was bought not so long ago , gimp with a refund or warranty service can be a true hassle . Very often the sellers do not have the desire to fulfill their obligations or direct to the consumer . Therefore it is necessary to know precisely what to do in such situations and to protect their rights.

For starters, you need to know that there is a Law “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights , specifically Article 38 , paragraph 1 , which clearly indicates what you can expect when their appliances break :

• replacement of the same or similar goods , small detail : if necessary – recalculation of the value;

• free refrigerator repair or repaired free of its shortcomings;

• commensurate with defect reduction in the cost of purchased goods ;

• a full refund .

Require the replacement of the item purchased is only possible in the event of such defects , the removal of which is considered to be unreasonably expensive or very difficult. The warranty period for refrigerators are completely different and are set by the manufacturer , but the average is two years from the time of purchase.

Warranty repairs how to protect their rights?

Warranty repair , as well as the return and replacement of household appliances occurs only when the damage was not caused by the buyer . For example, you chop off the ice in the freezer with a knife and accidentally hurt the phone with Freon , and then begins to leak – Troubleshooting come true for your money.

As soon as a fault is detected in your vehicle , you need to call the master of the service specified in the warranty. If the damage is small, most likely , the repair will be carried out at home. Mandatory requirement to have a master in the data sheet or the warranty card breakage view , the amount of work performed and the date of the call . This is due to the fact that the warranty extended by the repair machinery.

If the damage is significant, its removal should be done in a special workshop . And the seller (manufacturer) , in this case, is obliged to carry out and pay for delivery. For the period of repair you have the right to require the seller to the temporary free use another fridge . Purchase of spare parts needed for repair, as well for the manufacturer.

Contacting the seller is recommended in writing in duplicate, which must be set out in detail the essence of the claims and issues. It is better to make a copy of a check guarantee card and the certificate of inspection and that they carry in the store.

In the event of failure by the seller in making your claim , you have every right to say it in court .


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