What and how to wash the fridge

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What and how to wash the fridge

Unfortunately , many people , buying a refrigerator, forgetting that it must be periodically cleaned and give him a break at work. Only when suddenly need repair refrigerators, owners begin to diligently narrative your appliances. And wash your refrigerator is necessary because it prevents the emergence of unpleasant odors , allows you to safely store food and even extends the life of equipment , especially since the repair of refrigerators prices are steadily increasing.

Wash the refrigerator is a snap. Prior to this, it is necessary to release all the shelves of products , adding them to a convenient container and placing in a cool place . That the products remain longer cold , they can be covered with a blanket , creating a thermos effect . To wash the outer surfaces of the refrigerator is best to use special preparations are in the set sold in stores. Convenient to use sprays and soft tissues . To remove stubborn stains suit individual dish soap , which will then need to rinse and rub the surface to shine. It is necessary to avoid scratches , because they not only spoil the look , but it is broken insulation, and refrigerator with scratches can ” beat the current .”

To wash the inside of the refrigerator , you can use regular baking soda . Soda must be dissolved in a little warm water , wet cloth in the solution and wipe all surfaces . Particular attention should be paid back , clearing drain the water and all the cracks . This is to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria that are a potential threat to food . In the freezer should not damage the tubes with Freon , or need urgent repair of refrigerators , prices in Moscow, which is quite high . A solution of baking soda followed by a rinse with clean water and wipe dry all . Before you return the product in its place , all the cans , bottles and containers should be cleaned also . With careful handling of products and immediately remove all drips and drops , wash the refrigerator can be carried out once every few months.

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