How to wash soft toys

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How to wash  Soft toys – fun for all ages. They are fluffy , tender , some even have names. But like any thing , Toys need care and washing. Unfortunately , not all toys are going through this process , and in the majority and become unusable. Stains and dust accumulation should not go unnoticed , so refer to the tips, how to wash stuffed toys .

1. Dilute the shampoo water . Do this in a broad capacity to make it convenient to rinse the brush in it . Dampen a sponge / brush whipped foam and gently , slowly then polish her ​​a toy – it’s the most humane way to clean toys with assorted electronic mechanisms, eyes glued , sawdust and other decorations. Toy dry after washing a need for a battery.

2 . Toon toys or those as you believe – wash in the machine on the delicate cycle , wring not strong turnover and dry hanging on a clothesline . Make sure that the temperature of water and air for drying did not exceed 30 degrees.

3 . Not to run toys periodically vacuum the them and knock out the air.

4 . Practice dry laundry : toys attach to the package , and it vsypte soda . Seal the bag and shake it a few minutes . Remove toys and rub them with a soft brush.

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