water leak in the bathroom

water leak in the bathroom In the category Leaking Plumbing Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about water leak in the bathroom.

Why and how to do the water leak in the bathroom? Anything can happen in your life can be burst pipes in the bathroom, and sealing the mixer, heated towel rail, leaving the door open and forgot to close the valve when there was no water, while they themselves have gone away somewhere, so no one is safe from such cases. Flooding always occur when no wait. But if you have a water leak in the bathroom, then there is a small margin of time, about 20-30 minutes, so do not get water on the control.

I remember there was such an incident, changed water taps and neighbors barred. Turning the taps family in person this time and do not have a completely closed and turned into a gander, and the law of meanness, among the bathroom wash basin. Everyone went about their work, and when it came to the land of water was on the very edge of the threshold. Saved by good water leaking floor bathroom, didn’t learn the neighbors below we had occurred. The water quickly removed, without any consequences.

Water leak in the bathroom not only need the moisture in the bathroom on any gift or falling to the ground or wall. It is important that the moisture dried up and penetrate deep into concrete. What is wrong when it happens?

First of all, mold and moisture encourages the various microorganisms. As you know, is not very harmful mold, it destroys the very concrete and toxic gases, which in turn can cause various diseases. Microorganisms (infection) to the Mucosa, and can also cause health problems. Therefore, you must always keep the bathroom clean and dry.

At the moment, there is a large choice of materials for the water leak in the bathroom. Let’s see what types of leaks, to make the right choice.

Special walchrib for coloring concrete floor. If you have work in the bathroom perfectly smooth, you can apply the insulation. This type of water leakage in options: Web material, self-adhesive waterproofing.

Surface water leaks and special walchrib can be integrated into a range of waterproofing liquid. But among them there are also differences.

A special impregnation penetrates deep into the tie and fix firmly, and block the path of moisture. However, for waterproofing ground, too, need a flat surface.

Water leaking floor coating-even easier to use, you own hands without special skills can do a water leak in the bathroom, you just “paint” her.

The most reliable and popular way is surface water. Its members included often polymer or rubber padding and different. Options for surface water to sell a lot, and one of them lmax 4600 Aqua stop. The main advantage of this type of water leaks are easy to use and very good adhesion to the substrate.

So, how do you repair water leak in the bathroom by yourself, what is the process?

First you need to make preparation: clean the floor of the shower of debris and dust when the wet-dry. After this you should apply Primer for better adhesion of surface water leaks. When the primer is dry, go to apply waterproofing solution. This is done using a trowel stainless steel rectangular.

Given that many surface water leaks before you apply, read the instructions carefully. Special attention should be given to the application of the leak when the water surface to the joints between the walls and floors, corners, in places where pipes, filling with these places.

water leak in the bathroom

Waterproofing coating should be applied in 2-3 layers. So the first layer should be applied with a brush, while the next two with a spoon or trowel at an interval of 2-3 hours. A water leak in the bathroom, must be processed in the same mastics and perimeter walls to a height of floor-10 cm, and can be higher.

After each coating, it is necessary to wait for drying of paint, it takes 12 hours. But, after the last coat, more work, such as dull, and ceramic tiles can be done no earlier than 2 days. Water leaking into the bathroom and got all their property and become fully water resistant-you will need a week.

A tie in the bathroom, if necessary, it is recommended to use a metal reinforcing mesh that will prevent cracking during solidification of the solution.

As you can see, the water leakage in bathroom is quite simple, and can easily be done manually. How? You already know, and if you have at least some experience in construction-will treat themselves easily.

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