water over flow problem in lg washing machine

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Why is the washing machine has not ceased to set water, Check to see whether any inflection in the hose. Fully open both hot and cold water valves? If you think that valve overlap water supply closed, turn off the machine power supply and check it out.

The washing machine has a water level switch that controls the filling the machine with water. This is usually the tube with air-compressed water level sends a signal to shut off the flow of water. If this tube or diaphragm, which crushes the air, damaged and there are air leaks, your washing machine may behave strangely. For example, she picks up the water and starts the wash cycle but the water supply when it is not terminated.

If the water level in the sensor aperture punched the water level Analyzer does not detect any pressure, and therefore, wouldn’t the water flow.


In some cases, when the washing machine won’t stop filling with water, it may be caused by a problem with the sewer outlet. If the sewage system is blocked, it can cause a reverse flow of water. To prevent this, we recommend that you install the drain valve. This valve will ensure an appropriate drainage system. Also make sure that during the washing machine drain does not increase the water level in the sink-it could also be a sign of a clogged drain. In case, if you set the root cause of the problem cannot be reached, call the wizard.

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