Ways of decorative finishing fireplaces

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Country or private House today does not seem to us without the cosy fireplace. A huge choice of options opens up new possibilities for accommodation in the premises of any type. Modern furnace works include not only the construction of the fireplace, but the final finishing work.

As the cladding can be used various materials of natural and artificial origin:

Natural stone

The most expensive and refined material. With this fireplace, your room becomes a real “medieval castle.” Very nice looks like marble (any color and texture), Onyx and granite. Victorian fireplace can decorate sandstone.


This material was used in the olden days, in most cases because of its availability. Most often used for installing the fireplace shelf. It also obtained excellent shelves and niches for things. Used for their creation of walnut, mahogany, oak and other noble hardwoods.


Probably the most common facing material furnace to give. It is the most profitable among the listed options. The process of installing tiles in a way most time-consuming, so the cost of the wizard may not exceed the cost of the tiles several times.


The easiest, but not always the cheapest option. Stylized decorative brick may cost as well as natural stone. In processing also used and simple brick which top covered with plaster or paint. Brick can provide a heated device as a classic and modern look, depending on shape and style.

The choice of materials is so great that yourself extremely difficult to prefer one of them. If you have no idea what kind of material for processing a select, then refer to the masters. With years of experience, they will cope with this task much faster.

Ways of decorative finishing fireplaces

All about fireplaces for heating dimensions, prices, the decoration of the country house is the best way, decorative walls making the Interior fireplaces, To achieve a decorative effect, while brick masonry and remove ,One of the most beautiful and durable way to finish the fireplace, to lay tiles on the surface of the stove or fireplace, There is a way of decorative finishes that will attract views and views your, Facing a decorative fireplace natural stone for decorating fireplaces, Decorative tiles for facing the fireplace. but still many users choose exactly this method of processing. Decorative fireplaces matched to interior rooms and complement it, Decorating the fireplace stone, Decorative fireplace in the apartment.

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