what is surface water drainage systems

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To ensure effective catchment, sometimes quite simple equipment soundly blind area. However, most capital construction House, designed for long operation, includes the work of more reliable and perfect system in terms of the drainage of surface and groundwater. The Foundation of an efficient drainage system are perforated pipes that are placed in the trench, made around the perimeter of the basement of the building. Through the holes in the pipes of the water that seeps into the soil, will penetrate into the pipe and then reappearing in special containers, thereby providing surface water drainage systems drainage around the Foundation.


Why you should not combine the discharge of surface and groundwater in the only equipped with a collector? Because it can cause clogging of the line, which will be broken mode of drainage, which will inevitably lead to unpleasant consequences . for new developments with surface water drainage systems discharging to the water environment that such discharges will pass through surface water drainage systems, Highly efficient drainage around the House would be as if you are collecting as groundwater that percolate through the soil and wastewater and surface water drainage systems collected from roofs and surface of the Earth.

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