What the dog needs a walk?

What the dog needs a walk? In the category animal care and control Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about What the dog needs a walk?.

What dog show on the street? It seems the answer is obvious: dogs living in the apartments, are conditioned to relieve themselves outdoors.

The dog must move

With the quantity and quality of such activity is directly dependent on the pet’s breed, age and physical fitness.


Before you get a dog, is well aware of how much time you can give, especially pet walks.

What the dog needs a walk?

Knowing what historically was a breed, just estimate the duration and nature of the walks will need future pet well-being and full development. To make it clearer, let’s look at some examples.


Golden Retrievers-dog vigorous and Hardy, bred for finding and filing a damaged game. Has a great scent and memory that allows it to do its job perfectly and on land and on water. This means that adults will enjoy Golden long wandering through rugged terrain. And if on the way to meet clean water reservoir, where you can swim, happiness, puppies will be limitless.

Beagle-Beagle, and that says it all. Dog is active, mobile, passionate about the work. Out and about Beagle is constantly busy searching for traces, burning with desire to go on any of them, forgetting about everything. Ready for a long active walks? Then the dog for you.

Yorkshire Terrier-dog miniature, but this does not prevent him from retaining all the qualities inherent in the Terriers: courage, curiosity, activity. NY loves outdoor games and fun to “hunt” for birds and mice. Need a great companion for short walks, filled with joint games? Yorkshire Terrier with pleasure will keep you company.


It is clear that the workload is suitable for an adult dog will not be happy little puppy or older dog. With a puppy does not have to walk long enough to start with 10-15 minutes. Duration of the walks is increased gradually. Tranquil hiking, partially on a leash short games with peers-that’s your baby.

For an older dog will be useful for a walk, which it does not exhaust the, but will feel in shape.

Physical form

Load that dog gets out and about, must match the capabilities of the animal. In addition, should alternate periods of active exercise and rest. Remember that intense long walks on a full stomach is categorically prohibited ISPs at any age!

The dog needs to learn the world

You, of course, pay attention that the animal looked out and about exploring the area. This is not surprising: the dogs have a great flair and good memory. Study of the surrounding world is just as important for the harmonious development of your pet as a physical activity. It is therefore important not only to explore the long-studied roads but also to make the familiar route with regular changes.

This will allow your pet’s intellect develop, and also, if the dog gets lost, it will be easier to navigate and find their way home. The dog, it is important to communicate with a host of great importance for the joint exercises with dogs have masters, including during the walk.

The greatest joy for dogs is to be useful. The more “business” and “educational” games-find and bring the hidden thing, be responsible for your newspaper, the better. This can be a co-op with a object (ball, upholstering, something else), repeating the familiar commands and learning new.

By the way, I advise you get a toy with which the dog would be able to play only on a walk with you-this will add interest. The dog and the owner is a tandem. Do not forget that, having a pet, do you get a friend to share the time-transfer.

The dog should familiarize themselves with the kinsmen

It is important for the urban animal and communicating with their own kind. This is important for proper socialization of a dog: its behavior, education, communication with other people and animals, hone communication skills, and ability to “speak” the language of the body with other dogs.

However friends for your pet should be selected very carefully. Highly undesirable contact with dogs, deranged, violent, have pronounced the bad habits. The game can be dangerous to dogs, vastly superior to your weight.

An important point

Learn how to enjoy time spent with your four-legged friend, away from the stress, and the Internet. Walk with a dog is not a heavy duty, and the time that you can spend for their own benefit and for her. No wonder popular wisdom says: “gods do not count the time spent with the dog.”

Oh and nice bonus is the dog, which was enough load on the walk, will be much less desire and effort to “restore order” in an apartment in your absence. Good walking!

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