What hairstyle you choose Practical tips

What hairstyle you choose Practical tips In the category hairstyle Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about What hairstyle you choose Practical tips.

In a variety of hairstyles available today, it’s easy to get confused and choose the option that does not fit any shape of your face. Those who desperately tries to reproduce the hairstyle from the cover of a fashion magazine, should take into account the important fact that all models, posing for magazines oval face shape with correct form.

For this reason, when choosing a hairstyle, you should strive to stretch the Visual forms, aligning and rejuvenation effect. Well, what is the most important match face shape. Also do not forget that if you notice signs of pregnancy, in the future, you might not get a haircut.


Lift the hair, try to consider myself in the mirror. Push and honestly admit it, what type of person you can relate to. Of the main characters are round, oval, triangular and square. And again, don’t forget that if you are pregnant, traits may slightly vary.

Now let’s talk about all the face individually

Oval face type is ideal for all hairstyles. In proportion to the size of the width of the forehead, cheekbones and Chin is smooth, soft, face height, at least one and a half times the width. This option can be called a classic. Well, if the aspect ratio of the width and length, suitable, you can try to search recipes salad.

Round face option where between the width and height of a person, the difference is less than 3 inches. For this type, fit knee-high haircuts, the type of care. The face is drawn out a bit more, you should also take into account the fact that the hair should close the ears that also contribute to lengthening of the proportions. To the top of the hair should grow a bit. Under this option, it is strictly forbidden to sweep hair back, ANE, all your friends will start to look at you, signs of pregnancy.

What hairstyle you choose Practical tips

For square faces, width of the lower jaw and forehead, will most likely fit asymmetrical hairstyles, in other words, hairstyles for large amounts. With such a haircut you can visually correct their proportions. And even in pregnancy and increase the weight, you will not have problems with the beauty of your hair.

Triangular face that Chin has had cheekbones, you can select a full updo with thin bangs. With this face shape, it is better not to do well, but if it has already happened, it is better to take the salad recipes.

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