What’s inside the fire doors

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What’s inside the fire doors – Let’s consider the fire door in the section. Any fire door certainly has an inner and an outer layer . The main “internal” materials – thermal insulation ( to the front door as much as possible not ignited ) . The outer side of the front door – metal and fire resistant paint ( polymeric powder coating) .

On the edge of the fire doors in the groove ( around the perimeter ) put special stripes – smoke expandable tape , which is not visible when the door is closed . During a fire this insert foams , sealing cracks , and protects against the products of combustion in the other rooms.

Fire door should keep fire within the time specified in the certificate. GOST is 15, 30 , 45 , 60 , 120 , 150, 180, 240, 360 min. Fire tests carried out in specialized laboratories , and in special furnaces with the aid of special measuring instruments. Purchasing fire door , be sure to ask the certificate of conformity issued by an accredited body such as public certification authority Ministry of Ukraine . The certificate must include the name of the door , its size , the fire resistance , manufacturer.

Flame of a fire spreading on the premises of a burning building very quickly ( including ventilation and air ) , is already talking about doors . The average living room burn for 15-20 minutes . Offices can burn longer ( because of the equipment and synthetic finishes: walls, floors , ceilings, furniture ) . Hence we can conclude that fire doors must be at least 30 minutes.

What’s inside the fire doors

In connection with this fire safety point to the need to install fire doors ( with or without glazed glass) in any room , which consists of more than one room. In case of fire, this door will save lives and that is important too , the property . Compared with these enormous and unforeseen expenses buy fire doors EI- 30 , EI- 45 and EI- 60 ( resistance to fire , which is characterized in the regulatory and technical documents as a fire-resistance rating – EI, this parameter specifies the time during which the door design retains the characteristics such as integrity and insulating ability ) is fully justified investment . Fire doors can be equipped with a special heat-resistant glass, and such doors in no way inferior to its protective qualities against their brethren without glass.

What’s inside the fire doors

In addition, to facilitate evacuation during a fire , invented the system of opening fire doors – ” panic .” The gist of it is that outside the door is closed and open it can only keys and locks from the inside all open at the touch of the door handle . In case of fire people simply rests on the doorknob , and the door opens immediately . This is very handy when your hands are busy or when there is no possibility in a panic to tinker with locks.

So, where to install fire doors :

industrial buildings in all the passages that separate warehouses of shops ( offices ) or rest rooms must be separated by fire doors ;
in homes where there is insertion of a non-residential buildings ( offices, etc. );
in areas where there is a risk of fire equipment or materials , such as in apartments, where there are many electrical equipment , such as TV, computer , etc.

Finally , fire , metal door – is not just a requirement of compliance with fire safety , and the elementary rules of protection , because scary to imagine what damage could cause such a disaster like a fire .

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