What is the difference between diesel and gasoline power

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What is the difference between diesel and gasoline power РMost importantly , and perhaps most obvious difference between these two engines Рis that they operate on different fuels. In all other engines are similar : they have similar camshafts, crankshafts, crankcase cover and cylinder blocks . Principle of operation of both engines is the same : we need air and fuel . However , upon closer inspection , the differences between them become visible immediately .

The main differences are already at the design level, namely how formed fuel – air mixture and its subsequent ignition . For example, in preparing a mixture of a gasoline engine in the intake manifold – before it enters the cylinders , but its compression and ignition occurs even in the cylinder itself . In a diesel engine this process is slightly different: the air is supplied at the beginning of the cylinder , and then when it is compressed , diesel fuel is injected and then , if high pressure ignites .

What is the difference between diesel and gasoline power

Engine to withstand such loads when working with high pressure, it established a strong intake and exhaust valves . Also, the diesel engine has a fuel injection pump fuel that can withstand high pressure, but it’s pretty noisy and expensive . But all this is compensated by the fact that fuel is more economical , and especially does not affect the environment.

What is the difference between diesel and gasoline

It is impossible not to touch such a question as engine power , because gasoline and diesel are different. The diesel engine is economical , also it has some features of the formation of fuel- air mixture , which eventually allowed him to win the gasoline power one liter volume. This problem is easily solved , it is necessary for the diesel engine installed on an air turbine , as well as turbine , which will cool the heated air. The principle is simple – helps turbine engine efficiency increase due to discharge air into the cylinders .

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Gasoline engine and diesel maintenance course different, both technically and financially. Maintenance of the diesel engine will cost the owner many times more expensive and it is an indisputable fact. All due to the fact that for this type of engine need some parts for the manufacture of which require high-tech and expensive processes . Despite the fact that technological progress does not stand still , making the diesel engine over the years not getting any cheaper

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