What is the internal and external defense ?

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Internal and external protection from lightning and lightning is necessary, it must be home completely protected from any leakage of electricity or high voltages, is protecting the home to the work of a good grounding system.

Typically, this is lightning , grounding device and collector . As lightning receiver using any taper pin , or is made of a durable metallic alloy.

The internal system is to use a bit of electricity networks of devices intended to limit the voltage level .

Internal system to protect homes against changes in electricity can not be fully executed independently . But having certain skills with electric cables and electrical appliances can be integrated to self- ready devices to the network.

Please note . If the house is not equipped a lightning rod and internal protection during thunder and lightning , disconnect all equipment from the power supply in the house . Moreover, this method is relevant only if the thunder lightning follows for 10 seconds.

What is the internal and external defense ?

The outer protection from lightning strikes can be performed independently. Process is fast and not too expensive . However, you should be familiar with the welder .

Thus , you will need collector , lightning arrestor , earthing , several clamps and brackets made ​​of soft metal , welding machine .

The first step is to connect the collector to the pivotal Lightning . Lightning is made of thick iron wire, with a sufficiently large cross-section.

Lightning protection metal roof during repairs

Of strips of metal make earthing . Its cross section must be at least 150kv.mm . For these , you can use more whole rod of steel. Since about the 18 mm diameter .

All components are connected by electric or metal clamps that attach to the nuts and bolts .

Grounding system do not far from home , 1.5 meters . Which height ground will be located entirely dependent upon in which position the protection angle equals 70 °.

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