When the dog chews everything

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With the help of the dog’s teeth do all the things that we do with our hands – including exploring the world around us. This means that everything that is of interest to them, they try to chew or chew. Unfortunately, in some cases, this behavior becomes a problem because the dog destroys everything around.

Why do they do it?

Most puppies start to gnaw things when they are teething. When they get older, they begin to chew toys during games, or other things out of boredom or following instinct. The dog may start to chew things in unfamiliar surroundings as a result of anxiety caused by separation. Identifying the causes of such behavior is the key to prevention.

When the dog chews everything

If your dog is chewing on everything in the house, regardless of whether or not a number, perhaps it comes from boredom. Perhaps it needs more games, physical exercise and activity to consume excess energy. Buy a special toy – it will help wean the dog to chew on things.


If your puppy is teething, you’ll just have to be patient until the process is complete. The best possible efforts to redirect your puppy in a different direction. Try to make frozen treats like ice cream on a stick in the freezer or put some toys before giving them to the dog. This will not only create an attractive framework for the dog, but also alleviate the sensation of teething.

Some dogs chew things as a result of anxiety caused by separation. They may scratch or chew on things, trying to get out of the place where they were left alone. This behavior can also be a reaction of the nervous system of the dog to your absence. This is probably the most difficult situation, since it is based on concerns that need to be addressed. Experts in animal behavior to correct the anxiety caused by separation, the method of socialization, reducing dependence and deterrence.

All you need to do time

The only way to wean your dog to chew things – to catch her “crime scene.” If you find a spoiled dog shoes an hour after it is over it “worked”, the dog will not be able to correlate the resulting penalty with the fact that she did. The dog can be “guilty” look when you show her a spoiled thing, but it’s just a manifestation of the subordinate behavior. But if you should let the dog at the time when she chews on something, be sure to stop it any command or a loud voice. If it is to listen to you and leave the thing alone, give a special toy. If the dog would start to chew toy, be sure to praise her.

In most cases, you should help the dog to send “chewing” the efforts of the relevant entities. The first step is to choose the right toys that the dog might chew on. Never choose toys that look like something that your dog not to chew on. If you give her old shoes or clothes, the dog will not be able to understand the difference between them and the new shoes and clothing.

There are special sprays for use on a variety of things to avoid being nagged dog. These products have a taste or odor, unpleasant for the dog, but imperceptible to humans.
And as always, you should consult a veterinarian. He can give you valuable advice on the correction of such behavior.


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