Which underfloor heating is better, electric or water

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Underfloor heating can be divided into two main types. The division is made according to the type of heating system, namely water underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating. In a water-heated floor, the system is heated by circulating warm water in the system. In electric underfloor heating, the thermal energy of the system is obtained by the transition of electrical energy into thermal energy, using special heating cables.

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Differences between water and electric underfloor heating

Water and electric underfloor heating are fundamentally different in heating technology, and as a result differ in the technology of their device.

Water underfloor heating is a system of water pipes laid in the floor according to a special scheme and connected to the heating system of the house. The water underfloor heating system is controlled by a specially mounted collector cabinet.

Electric underfloor heating is a heating cable laid in the floor according to a special scheme.

An electric cable converts electrical energy into thermal energy, due to which the system works.

Variants of electric underfloor heating are electric underfloor heating assembled in mats and film underfloor heating otherwise called infrared.

Now that we have remembered what underfloor heating is, let’s discuss what is better than water underfloor heating or electric underfloor heating.

Which underfloor heating is better, electric or water

Which underfloor heating is better

To help in answering the question “Which underfloor heating is better”, only one criterion will help, the expediency of a particular type of underfloor heating.

Water underfloor heating is advisable to use in rooms with an area of 30 square meters. meters. In addition, the room must have a heating system available for connection. Hence, it is advisable to use water underfloor heating, not in apartments, but in private houses, with an independent heating system.

Cable electric underfloor heating, it is advisable to use in houses with cheap electricity and where it is not possible to connect to the heating system.

However, the technological requirements for the device of a sufficiently thick screed covering the thermal electric cable imposes its limitations on the use of this technology of underfloor heating.
Do not require a screed device, underfloor heating mats, it is enough to cover them with a layer of tile glue.

Does not require screed at all, infrared underfloor heating, they can be buried with a layer of laminate.

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