How to whitewash ceiling Painting Technique

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How to whitewash ceiling -Whitewashing Painting Technique, How to whitewash the ceiling? Despite the fact that whitewashing the ceiling chalk or lime mortar has lost its relevance today, though many use it for their interiors. And it is not going to change to other new materials. As it is right. Whitewashing looks like a bride in white Fatima, and if the solution blueprint to add, you get a gentle white – blue. Moreover, such a ceiling and environmentally friendly.

But before you begin to wash, you need to perform the necessary preliminary work. Suppose that you have an old whitewash removed. Now all you need to putty the cracks and potholes. For ceiling should be flat and smooth. When you come into the room, he first catches your eye, and would not be very good if it will be of overshoot and cracks.

Know that dust gets on the whitewashing of your lungs, and therefore at work use respirators, masks or wet cloth. Wear clothes that can then be washed or discarded. At the head scarf or wear an old baseball cap. Protect eyes glasses.

Then treat the surface of the abrasive sandpaper. It will remove all roughness and remove extra layer of putty. Wipe the surface of the ceiling cloth or broom estimates must remove dust from previous work. And then the ceiling special soil. On the surface it will create a film, which ideally will be on whitewashing the ceiling.

The ceiling can whitewash whitewash of chalk or lime. Moreover, they do not fit together.

Whitewashing the ceiling

How to whitewash ceiling Painting Technique

The ceiling can whitewash in two ways, by brush or roller and using a spray or vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner suitable only old models in modern vacuum cleaners this feature is missing.

Whitewashing Painting Technique How To

While painting boards for bookshelves I decided to do a quick tutorial video about how to achieve this technique. I know there isn’t great video footage.

Whitewash brush the surface of the process is very long and the brush leaves behind grooves of bristles. Roller much easier – ed on the ceiling and fro. Ensure that the ceiling does not appear excessive drop of whitewash. But the area still does not work perfect, especially since you will need to bleach twice.

When whitewashing of spray or cleaner used circular motions that can evenly go paint the surface. Layer thickness and wash goes ready-made ceiling looks perfect. After completion of the ceiling should dry overnight, and an open window will not prevent this.

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