Why not ride in freezing temperatures on the summer tires

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When purchasing your own car, the owner not only gets the convenience and comfort, but also its independence and the possibility of active movement. However, when buying a car, the cost this is not ending because it is necessary to register the car, it needs a stable care that, in fact, increase the period of its service. In addition, the car requires a constant “feeding”, that is necessary is that the machine you want to invest money.

If you buy a car, it is better not to postpone a purchase good signaling, as well as the most needed tools. Also, it is recommended to always have on hand a telephone number to a tow truck and proven professionals – in case of breakdowns on the road. But it is especially important to understand and remember that, as a person, requires respect and … timely buying corresponding seasons “shoes”. Yes, the machine must be according to the season, otherwise there may be problems, and quite serious.

why not to ride in the winter to summer tires?

Yet there are such owners of cars that for the sake of saving money go on the summer tires in the winter – “finance officers” are a huge risk – and for ourselves and for others. In addition, they cause damage to your own car.

Why not ride in freezing temperatures on the summer tires

Summer and winter tires have significant differences on the picture and elasticity. Tires for the winter much milder, but summer is hard. Certainly, with lower air temperature rubber tend to “freeze” and summer tyres, which are already tight, will become even more stringent, thus losing its elasticity. The type of this reduced grip and braking increases. You need to remember that in the winter the weather often changes and ice for us is a common occurrence, which is why summer tires and even dangerous. The machine will be all the time, it would be “throwing” in different directions.

But here are some car owners wanting to save winter only on the front wheels. This is a serious omission, because riding in such circumstances becomes even more dangerous than if you traveled on the summer tires in the winter. Machine “accelerates” in rubber, can be very hard, and this, in turn, can cause serious road adventures. On all wheels tires must be the same and mostly from the same manufacturer.

Always see to say no to pay summer tires in near freezing temperatures, have dealer tire performance in the summer, enjoy the ride, for example, summer tires and superior warm weather, especially with temperatures higher than the freezing point, it is not uncommon for winter tires, tire storage tips that will not be used continuously, storing performance summer tires in cold temperatures. Summer tyres, winter tread below zero and they have a lot more tread blocks with many Sipes to grip the ice. These elements do not work in hot weather.

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