Wood against plastic

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Wood against plastic

In principle, all believe that plastic is the best material for window designs , but it has some drawbacks. For example , the windows of PVC -profiles of the greenhouse effect in the room , so they appear on the ceiling and condensation. And the aesthetic component also suffers , because the synthetic material does not give the room a cozy feel. A wooden windows, which are manufactured using modern technologies do not have these drawbacks.

The only thing that makes them less accessible – it’s the price of wood windows . After all, if you compare the cost of wooden construction and plastic , the last will be an attractive option . But the appearance of window wood products is simply amazing. They just look great in any style of interior, and if they are combined with the traditional decor of living rooms , we get a wonderful effect . Besides tree misses the fresh air , which helps to create a unique microclimate in the home . If the wooden window handle special paints , and it is possible to achieve such a life as that of plastic windows.

Of course, the products of PVC profiles also have their advantages, and not just the price of plastic windows is meant. Their tightness, which allows you to create excellent noise isolation is astonishing. But modern wood window frames are not inferior in their components to competitors. After all, is used in the manufacture of a special three-layer laminated veneer lumber , which results in an excellent noise isolation and structural strength. Also in the production process with future windows are removed resin pockets , knots and cracks found . Therefore, the strength of wood species increases, so that the deformation of window units with a change in temperature is not threatened.

Wood against plastic

An additional advantage of the windows of a tree – it’s repairable . Especially, in the price of wood windows at the order is already included this feature , but only during the first year . But if you compare with plastic windows that are almost impossible to repair , the random scratches on the tree can be removed . It should also be noted that PVC windows attract dirt and dust that has a negative impact on the appearance of products. Wooden buildings are not susceptible to electrostatic effects , so dust and dirt on them are rarely formed.plastic window insulation ,window plastic ,lastic for windows ,plastic window well covers ,plastic window boxes ,plastic window covering ,plastic window ,plastic window shutters ,plastic window box liners

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