Wooden fire doors

Wooden fire doors In the category Safety repairs Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Wooden fire doors.

Wooden fire doors-Today, more and more attention is paid to safety, so one way to protect the premises, can serve as a wooden fire doors. With a high degree of fire and smoke protection, they will secure the necessary facilities, maintaining and isolating them. These doors will accelerate the process of evacuation, will serve as a necessary barrier to the spread of fire. Any premises where there are people, material goods, documents or any type of equipment in need of preservation.

Due to changes in the norms of fire safety, installation of doors, is widespread and has become an important condition for peace and prosperity. Together with the qualities, these doors have a high degree of sound insulation, which is an important advantage.

In addition to practical, these doors have a number of aesthetic qualities. Fabrics made ​​out of wood, will not only be a useful solution, but also a very attractive addition to the interior, which will use them as a residential, office and restaurant areas as well as in warehouses, manufacturing. Currently, there are two versions with different limit of fire. Also, if desired, you can independently determine the need for color and glass doors. Thus, a much-needed part of the interior, it can be perfectly fit into the overall style, making them attractive for any kind of space.

Wooden fire doors

meet the latest requirements of fire safety and have a fire-resistance EI30 and EI60 (which is, by far, is the maximum for public facilities). Optionally, you can define the material of wear resistant plastic, veneer or color scheme, which will be covered by the door. Our professionals carry out delivery and installation is convenient for you as possible, which will make your choice even easier.

Buyers of fire doors should be aware that the installation of such structures – type of activity subject to licensing. Therefore, we must bear in mind that self-assembled fire doors can not be accepted by the fire inspector or acceptance commission only due to the lack of a license. Wood fire doors – the most successful investment in comfort and safety.


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